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Message to anyone who've had to deal with matthew jabez nazario: I'm currently doing a collection of testimonies about this guy, which you can see right here
Helloo (Message to everyone) by Eve54

I would very much like it if you read the description. I will be linking to three stash documents down below, all containing testimonies about this guy's wretched behavior. So if anyone out there is reading this, don't be afraid to tell me via notes exactly what this guy has done. The more evidence we've got on this guy, the better!

It has come to my attention......that a lot of people have been commenting on this old af rant journal I made about a certain user, and I mean, a lot. Some have even decided to follow me for making that journal, and even faving it as well as sharing it with their friends from the looks of it.
Now, if this was still 2015 me, I'd have been jumping at this and enjoying every minute of it.
However, this is not 2015 me, this is 2016 me. I've grown tired of dramas, I'm not involved in rantings anymore, and I just want to kinda sorta gush more about my otps and Pokémon and what not. Occasionally you can talk drama, but after a bit of raging on skype and/or discord, I'm just about all done, and wanna move on to getting my ass kicked in any games I play lmao.
So, while I do greatly appreciate that the word's being spread about him and what he's doing, it also kind of wears me down when I'm expecting messages from others, only to

Stop. commenting. While I do greatly appreciate everyone trying to spread the word on him, it gets a bit tiring seeing a lot of them, what with me no longer being involved in this old drama.


Bet you were all expecting this coming. If not, then I'm really sorry, but this had to be said. I've seen a lot of journals about this guy, but I honestly feel like a lot of them seem to largely forget what he's done, or just skim them over. So, how about I tell you guys about him? What his deal is, what he's TRULY like, all of it. Chances are that this journal will be updated a lot.

And Matthew, if you're reading this and think that you can make the admins actually delete this journal... it's possible, but know this - if you do, I'll just find other places to rant about you on. Just sayin'.

So, where do I actually start though? Well, how about I just start with the basics, what others have already been telling you about this guy. Then, we shall move on onto the experiences I've had with him, and if others want to contribute, you can happily do so via notes and I'll add in said comments. Okay? Okay.

Matthew is, as this very lovely journal pointed out, "the paradigm of brattiness". He's perhaps most infamous for making requests, and going into a lot of unnecessary details about said requests and what should be in it, and when you don't meet up to his ridiculous standards, he'll start nitpicking the ever living crap out of it. It doesn't even matter how well-done said picture actually is, he'll always, ALWAYS, nitpick it, disregarding how long said image probably took to make, or even the one who made said pic's feelings. He's also a huge fan of this one show known as PAW Patrol, despite the fact that he is 14 years old. He's also known for having demanded points on so many occasions as well, at least in his earlier accounts at the very least.

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "But Eve, it's not the actual age that matters!" And yeah, you'd probably be right. But honestly, his obsession with this show, and the fact that he could easily chase off just about anyone who would be curious to look it up, is what might piss actual fans off. Especially since I doubt they'd even like to be compared to him.

Sooo, what happens to the people that actually chooses to ignore his requests, even simply saying a simple no? Death threats, and a shit ton of shouting, with him demanding that you block him. Granted, this guy's stopped with the death threats from what I've seen so far, though I do have a feeling that he doesn't even know what death threats even mean, since he claims that I made death threats. Even though I never did, but we'll get to that real soon, trust me. I have a lot to say about that. EDIT: Just found that matthew is STILL issuing death threats. Not necessarily because of the fact that someone's refused to make his requests mind you, but rather over them being one of his nemesis of sorts. (also, am i the only one who find myself laughing over the fact that when religious people tells us atheists to burn in hell, we're most likely just gonna laugh it off, since we don't even believe in hell to begin with? :lol )

And here's also a very funny thing - he has (or maybe had, not sure about this) an annoying habit of also making requests with other people's OCs, without asking them for their permission. That's right, he goes/went behind people's backs and requested stuff regarding THEIR OCs. So obviously you just know he's up to no good right there!

Another thing that makes Matthew so infamous is that, when the "pressure" (aka people calling him out on his bullshit) gets too high, he leaves the account he's currently on and makes another one, always named very similarly to his own name. In fact, he was only on one of these accounts for only a day until he was quickly found out by others and got a huge lashout (I'll get to parts of it later on, since this has a bit to do with me). And while I usually don't mind it when people reveal their first names at the very least, or even just their usual nicknames in real life, the fact that he keeps using his own name over and over again might actually just put him in danger. And regardless of how I personally feel about him, I actually DON'T want him to get into THAT kind of trouble that doing such a thing might lead to. Because according to others, they've been able to google his name, and found his facebook and other such stuff. Now, unless this is in fact not his real name and is using another person's, then that just makes things even worse, because chances are that he might actually be putting others in danger for his own reckless behavior.

You wanna know the names of the current ones that he has? Then here they are
MatthewJabezNazarioA <- his current one at the time of this writing
(I would like to thank unforgivable-porn for offering this bit of information. you rock!)
and you know what? those are only just a few of them, and chances are, this list is just gonna keep on growing until it all just becomes a mess altogether, and we can't keep track on ALL of his usernames anymore. Do a quick google search and you'll see with your own eyes just how desperate he is to get away from the "haters".

Matthew also has a bit of an annoying tendency to ask these really awkward questions (to me, he's asked stuff such as "Are you the god of deviantart" and "Are you the spaghetti monster", or even "do you think the spaghetti monster exists") that usually go nowhere and has no real point whatsoever. In fact, that's actually one of the many reasons he got banned on this one wikia known as Alternative History. You think I'm joking, right? Well, you'd be dead wrong. Here is the very reason he got promptly kicked off of that site, all in its wonderful glory. (I would like to thank Conkerluver for this bit of info, you're just so sweet!) I wish I was kidding people. They too can vouch for the fact that Matthew here is prone to "posting increasingly off topic or weird stuff. Combined with his worsening behaviour, this eventually led to his swift". One of his most hilarious, if very mind-boggling, things that he's posted is about this one FnaF3 theory, where he dragged in the very UN into the whole mess. That's right, he dragged the UN into this one poorly run restaurant thing. I wish I was kidding here, folks.

Speaking of other fandoms he's been involved in. Did you know that this guy's also a huge Death Battle/Deadliest Warrior fantard who likes to make these really one-sided death battles of sorts, or has already been done before? To quote the journal made by YarTavdhladleklwa about this guy, "For example, he pitted Sofia the First against his OC Gary Stu Ryder (armed with M16, Sig P226 pistol, pup-pack, and martial arts, while poor li'l Sofia was armed with just a magic wand) [correction: Ryder isn't even his character, but rather some warped version of the actual character from PAW Patrol]. The li'l princess wouldn't stand a chance." Yep, I'm sure some of you Death Battle/Deadliest warrior plus Sofia the first and PAW Patrol fans out there are now frothing with this bit of information already. I know I would be too if this was so horribly one-sided.

Speaking of said warped version of this character, let me go into a bit more detail about this guy. He's basically this one despot trying to recruit others into this fascist PAW-regime. He'd basically stand out way too much in a kid's cartoon, especially ones aimed for very young children that just wants to watch a group of puppies saving or just simply help the world in any way he can, with all of his military gear, don't you think?

But I think the most infamous, the most INFAMOUS, thing that makes a lot of people really dislike this guy, including yours truly, is that he's a very intolerant little bible thumping boy who HATES atheists with a passion. Why does he hate atheists you might ask? Because he's a "special needs child" or something like that, including saying that he has autism. Matthew logic, everybody.

...Except, he doesn't actually HAVE autism to begin with.

I'm not joking here people. Matthew's basically been LYING about having autism ALL THIS TIME. Just in order to get some sympathy from others.

Doesn't that just piss you off, especially those of you autistic people out there who can actually behave like actual adults, only to see this condition of yours to be tarnished by kids like him? I know I would, if I had autism (again, I'll get to that point soon enough).

Anyway, back to the whole religious bit.

Like I said before, Matthew is one of those bible thumping christians who HATES atheists with a passion. In fact, that's actually how I first found out about this guy.

And now we get to the part I'm guessing most of you have been waiting for. The part where I shall explain my personal encounters with this guy.

It all started when I was on a with Amatelaseu, back then known as SuffocationxJay. According to my very first journal about him, this was back in January 17, 2015. During said, me and others noticed this guy commenting to her like crazy, basically calling her (and others) out for being an atheist. She just joked it off a bit, but then I offered to go onto his page (I think, my memory's a bit off about this particular detail), and I browsed through his gallery a bit. Then I found, well, this particular image.

Now, being the huge Yugotalia fangirl that I am, I decided to call him out, saying that he should at least give proper credits to the one that made the pic (he never actually did, and instead credited Himaruya... even though the OC in question was made by Tix91, and the picture he used WAS made by fir3h34rt . Want some actual proof? Here.) Then, realizing that he hated atheists such as myself and suffy, I decided to bait him with a bit of a fail trolling on my part, saying something like "I'm honestly surprised that me, an atheist, can remember something so basic. And I've forgotten a lot of the apparent "good" things in the bible and remember some of the bad stuffs a lot easier.", and he naturally took the bait. And we started to argue back and forth. You can see it all going down in the actual picture linked in the previous paragraph. Mind you, this was BEFORE I found out some of the other things he'd done at the time, and only knew from what I saw in that with suffy, meaning I couldn't call him out on his bs back then. You can find out more about it right here.

Now, I know what you guys are thinking. "Eve, why did you do that?! You stupid girl!" Stupid, maybe. But honestly, that was just a shitstorm waiting to happen, so you can't exactly blame me for jumping into that others have already jumped onto as well. It was inevitable that I would have a slice of this dumbfuckery going on.

Matthew, obviously realizing I wasn't gonna budge, decided to block me, and I didn't hear much from him afterwards. He eventually moved on to another account. So I forgot about him, at least for the time being, before I moved on. I was then eventually linked to another account of his, MJNazario. I then started to troll him a bit on there, making this one really crude SatanxGod trollpic, and it went on. Then, I commented on another thread where he was talking with this one other user, just basically questioning him about his age.

it eventually got too much for him that he then made a poorly written journal about me, where he assumed I was a boy (this isn't the first time it's happened btw), and basically threatened to get me reported for issuing death threats. ...Even though I never once issued any actual death threats to him, not even once.

So yeah, he was planning on reporting me for something i never actually did. Talk about a little drama king right there, don't you think?

Naturally, I made a journal about this, and eventually suffy got involved once more, helping me out with trolling this guy to the point that HE made a journal about her as well.

Then, he decided to block both me and suffy, until another user, ussryuri managed to convince him to unblock us by telling a little white lie. Here it is. Enjoy.

Then, he moved to another account after suffy butted in one last time, telling the truth about his requests. This time to MatthewJabezNazarioX. Now, because I was blocked by the guy, I couldn't do jackshit about him. So, I decided to finally MOVE ON, especially since I was getting myself busy with other lolcows on dA at this time. The fact that suffy then got herself banned didn't help matters much either, but I still tried to move on.

But apparently, Matthew did NOT share this sentiment, as he was still so hung up over what I did to him. Yes, even though he was not gonna be using any of the accounts where I'd been such a big meanie towards him, he STILL wouldn't move on from what I just did.

No, instead, he started to talk about me behind my back, sometimes completely out of nowhere. I'd already talked about it in this journal and it still baffles me that he still talked about me behind my back. I also believe I'd mention at some point that he even sent notes to this one user, MidnightCollies, telling her to unwatch me. Well, here's the stash for it. (BTW, Matthew - if you try to get this stash collection removed, just know that I've already saved these screenshots on my computer, and can just simply upload them elsewhere. somewhere the dA admins would not be able to remove these images, and show to everyone else how much you've let this petty little grudge go on.)

It eventually culminated when, while commenting on this one pic cuteandfuzzypuppies made for PAW Patrol, he decided to accuse me of having autism, or even adhd completely out of the blue. That's right, he was bringing me up completely out of nowhere, like the little douchebag that he is.

and like the little coward that he is when he gets confronted about these claims, he makes ANOTHER account, after claiming he was gonna apologize to ME, but choosing to STILL keep me blocked and refusing to apologize at all. No, instead, the ONLY thing he does on THAT particular account (it's MJNazarioI btw) is to make a journal directed towards her. Saying he no longer wants to talk about me anymore. Naturally, he gets called out on his bs by basically EVERYONE. Even cuteandfuzzypuppies had had enough of his bs, as you can clearly tell by her comment right in that journal. (And that's not even getting to the comment section on that profile, ooohhhh no no no no NO. But that's besides the point. You can check it out for yourself if you like, I won't stop you.)

So what does he do? That's right, he makes ANOTHER account, this time his current one. MatthewJabezNazarioA. After only being on that previous account for, like, what? A day at best? Yep!

Soooo, how did I find out about this current account? Well, apparently, deadmouse64 was calling him out in the comment section, and they then mentioned me, and then matthew decided to make a note to me. Now, because the dA admins decided to stick by him when he made a report claiming i was "spamming" him, I can't show you an actual screenshot for it. But I'll at least give you what he said, word. for. word.

"Listen Eve54, you must give up and apologize."

Now, remember here people. I never even bothered him on at least two of his previous accounts because he had me blocked! Therefore, I couldn't have possibly done any wrong towards him up to that point. I didn't even know about this particular account until deadmouse mentioned me!

So, I naturally called him out, replied to deadmouse, and then went on to troll him like usual. Another SatanxGod trollpic, making a bet on how long he was gonna stay on this account (I lost btw), me interjecting a shit ton of satans in my comments, and even alerting some of you guys to this whole shit about to go down, the usual stuff, ya know.

and a lot of shit went down, as you can so clearly see. I even once commented on an earlier journal he'd made as well before he appeared and threw a hissy fit, like usual. Even tried to drag other users into this whole mess, by simply mentioning me completely out of nowhere.

Except this time, we got a bit of a roleplaying action thrown in as well. He decides to beat the crap out of me (TWICE even). Again, I wish I was kidding here :/ I naturally called him out on it, as well as others later on, but he did not apologize to me even though he said he was gonna do so.

I then told him NOT to make an apology journal directed towards me, as it won't do him any good, and what does he do? He does so regardless. And naturally, I did not buy any of the shit he said in that journal since he's said similar things in the past, and called him out on it. I even gave him a long winded speech about all of his faults, but because his english is so freaking BROKEN, he did not grasp any of that. Every time I said I didn't even hate him nearly as much as he hated me, he basically started to act way too immature, even for a 14 year old. And remember - special needs child or not, he should NOT be allowed to act like this. In fact, he even gives special needs children a bad name, for I seriously doubt he even is one at all, since he DID lie about having autism.

And neither did others. Even using the one word he hate so much besides satan - "No." I know I forgot to mention this, but every time you say no to this guy, he WILL throw a fit about it. And I do mean, ALWAYS. Keep saying no, and he'll even block you, or even demand that YOU block HIM. Which honestly makes his future look very grim, because sooner or later he IS gonna be turned down by others.

Now, in case you didn't notice in some of the links I've sent you, I should probably point out that he's hidden a few of my own comments as well. If you want to, I'll happily offer screenshots on some of the comments I could salvage from all of this, and maybe even try to explain what I said in that comment.

And now, he's blocked me once more, and is even currently planning on trying to turn you guys, my own watchers and friends, against me because of this petty grudge of his. He's even attempting to get this one innocent user into this whole mess as well, thanks to him not being able to stop using the "@" symbol when referring to me and accidentally shortened my username so it became E54. Who btw is a completely different user from me. Why do I suddenly bring this particular issue up? Because, I've just lost several hours of sleep, and he even brought me to fucking tears.

You know, like a certain other user once did. But that's beside the point, and not to be dwelt on.

Matthew, if you're reading this, know this - with the way you're going down, it'd probably be better if you just left dA, for good. Because at the rate things are going down, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you'd wind up on Encyclopedia Dramatica. And believe me, you really don't want to be added there. You think that what me, suffy, kora, and even shika did was bad? Then you haven't seen anything. And trust me, the way they'll be going in trying to get to you, is STILL nothing to what me and the others have done towards you. We'd basically be nobodies compared to what the actual trolls will do to YOU. This is a warning, Matthew - GET OFF OF DA. Everyone wants you gone. Don't believe a single word teamumizoomifan98 is saying, because she's nothing more but just your typical whiteknight for awful people such as yourself. And believe me, you definitely are an awful person, even more so when you just can't see what you're doing wrong and having no actual remorse for any of your actions.

And honestly, if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you're gonna get. I'll be ready, but you should still know that I'm nothing compared to any other trolls you've had so far, or will most likely get if you DO wind up on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Trust me on this.

Now, what are my final thoughts on this guy? :shrug: I honestly don't know what to think. I do hate his actions, but I honestly don't know yet if I can even bring myself to hate him, sleep deprived as I am.

I'll be linking you to some very good journals others have made about this guy, hopefully to show that this isn't something I'm making up. They go more into actual detail of the stuff he HAS done, not necessarily towards me, but to others.

MatthewJabezPNazario: Paradigm of BrattinessTheme Songs: 

G: Hello, humans. This is Gresho 'Nosrajam and here with me is N'rekur Krir. This is the first episode of our educational series "Profiles in Lolcowism". I know that many of these lolcows have been covered already, but we felt like we need to put in our two cents here.
N:  you're all well aware, the Internet is a dark, bottomless void. It is home to some the worst of people, known as lolcows. Lolcows are people who can't take criticism to save their own fucking lives, refuse to take advice and recieve help, and claim they're the victims (or victums!). Since this series is young, the first lolcow we've decided to observe is among the youngest, and boy, is he bratty.
G:   His name is MatthewJabezPNazario, and as the title suggests, he is the paradigm of brattiness. He's done some pretty fucked-up reiv (Sangheili for shit), but first, who is Nazario an

Matthewjabezpnazario RantS'up everyone! 
So there's this fucktard by the name of Matthew or should I say Matthew who is become SO popular on deviantart from how much of a asshole he is. You thought leah was bad. At least leah stopped being a twit and learned her lesson!
So i'm gonna be bringing up ALL the information about this guy. Hell I won't be surprised if this guy has an ED Page already.
So this guy Matthjew is a ungrateful idiot who dosn't even thank people for what he has drawn. He also curses at people, forces people, and uses peoples oc's for requests that he NEVER gets permission for. If you even look at the journals and comments on his page the evidence is RIGHT THERE also he is trying to block WTFrikkityFrooster . Also he BLOCKED TheDjAxel for nothing!
All he did was calmly comment to him and HE JUST BLOCKS HIM!
To top this off MatthewJabezPNazario Do you have a fucking mind? DO YOU REALLY? After the same thing has been repeated multiple times you still keep them doing it. I swear yah need

Matthewjabezpnazario Rant (Number 2)I've been seeing some unbelievable bullshit from this guy threw the past month or so about this guy.
And this guy is just being a complete moron.
In my last journal about him I talk about him being a total asshole,forcing people to draw stuff without a thank you, curses at people even though he complains about satan ALL the time, and also gives people death threats.
So in this episode of Matthjewjabeznazi
where gonna talk about all the new stuff he has been doing this week so grab yourself some popcorn and begin reading. because at the end of this your gonna thinking to yourself THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT. So sit back,relax,and read on.
So apparently and first to start this rant 
I'm gonna tell you about 2 thing this week he has been doing.
First of to be the most funniest, there are these two users by the name of Ask-Globox and unforgivable-porn trying to get matthjew banned from deviantart. Now he thinks he doesn't deserve this at all. He thinks he's just a precious little angel! H

Matthewjabezpnazario Rant (Number 3)Holy shit. Is this happening?
I this really happening? Is this guy THIS pathetic? I mean THIS PATHETIC?! 
Apparently so, Uhh my god :iconmitchfacepalmplz: Well lets rewind to his third account for now
because HE MADE ANOTHER ONE but i'm not gonna get to that til later.
Well where does this guy dig into this asshole first? 
Welp apparently earlier this week he was calling out alot of people for not being christen 
See how of an asshole this guy is? Hell I wouldn't even call this shit a christen! He's more of a Hitler than a true christen. Hell! he even has a Sockpuppet/White-night policewannabe I am saying he might be a sock puppet because most of his favorites are either from what Matthew liked or what Matthew favorited. Also he keeps making Rants about people like on my guy Eve54 and complains about the bullshit that Eve does and

Wow, MJNazrioMaking rants about artists all because they aren't christians. Still, I find it unintentionally hilarious that sometimes :iconMJNazario: actually TRIES to get blocked by other artists. Who the heck does that? He also demands requests, and even when they are finished there is alays something "wrong" with them to him. Even worse is that at one time where he DEMANDED points to be given to him for petty reasons, blocking people like my friend DJaxel, and as I assume, creating sockpuppets like :iconpolicewannabe: . I say sockpuppet because of an incedent with him and :iconEve54: during his rant about her. I mean come on, sockpuppetery is EXTREMLEY pathetic.
For those who dont know what that is, sockpuppetery is when someone makes alternate accounts to attemt to make their main account look good, or to bully someone behind their main account. Just please, leave all of us alone! 
Edit: Out of all the things he has done, I have found the absolute WORST thing he has ever said here. He was

MJN again and his Possible sockpuppets:iconMatthewJabezNazarioX: is still at large, and I have suspected three possible sockpuppets. We have :iconteamumizoomifan98: (Thank you :iconMitchrocks: for telling me this) , :iconpolicewannabe: and :iconHrdeviantart: . All of these possible sockpuppets or white knights don't listen to actual proof provided about him whether it's from myself, :iconEve54: , :iconMitchrocks: or anyone on this site, they just say: LEAVE HIM ALONE HE HAS AUTISM! Well, I have something to say to you, MJN, and your sockpuppets and/or white knights.
FIRST OF ALL: Don't use he has autism as an excuse. I have autism myself and I never bully people for a little mistake on a request, not agreeing on something, or religion. 
SECOND: Creating alternate accounts is a pathetic way to start again if you have a bad reputation on your main one. I have two alternate accounts, and those are just for fun. I don't use them to bully people for different opinions.
So, if you are reading this, MJN, go ahead. Block me.

You are tearing me apart, WHOEVER YOU ARE!Turns out I may be wrong. Maybe :iconHRdeviantart: ISNT a sockpuppet. :iconMatthewJabezNazario: , you sneaky guy. Say, guys, have you ever heard of a meat puppet account? It's when someone hires several people to make alternate accounts to do whatever they want them to do. This is my third or fourth time talking about MJN and already there's more drama than Leah did back when she was bad. But this is only the beginning. I am going to talk about :iconteamumizoomifan98: . Oh god! I don't even know what to say about that one! I actually think she's TRYING to get an ED page, as she's been posting journals about suicide and stuff, I mean COME ON! I thought this was an art website! I am not going to comment on the fact that she openly insults anyone that doesn't agree with her and then blocks them (sound familiar?). But I will say this: Please, stop this drama. This is getting out of hand.

Something you guys may wanna see...Remember MJN? Well I found out that he made a wiki...
And now I found out he made another:
Also, he has made yet ANOTHER account (thanks :iconEve54:) Here it is :iconMJNazarioI: . I've already lost track of how many accounts he has made. It's getting out of hand.

More MJN nonsenseWell, I was kind of expecting this, if you're gonna play the victim, :iconMatthewJabezNazarioA: while bullying people behind their asses, bring it. What do you have, your white knights? Baaaaw that's not gonna help you. So what if you messaged this to me that does not excuse what you did here And guess what? After I said to calm down and just quit it because this is an art website, he blocks me. He keeps telling people to forgive him, and telling people like :iconEve54: and :icondeadmouse64: to apologize to HIM. Just...WHY?! MJN, MOVING TO DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS ALL THE TIME DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR REPUTATION! You're just trying to run away. I have never

Just, just read the comment section guys. XDDD Like, Oh my GAWD
I haven't had THIS much fun in AGES. And I owe it all to my dear friend who showed me the link to his deviantART page. Just... *laughs for several minutes*
Like, you should totally see my face right now! It's fucking hilarious!!! XDD
And you wanna know what else? I was gonna tell him to leave so he could get away from his tormentors, trying to give him good reasons to leave. I even wanted to end it with a "Tata~" before he decided to BAWWWWLOCK me XDDDDDDD
Ahhh man, this was fun. I had a great time telling this bastard off. Just... XDD
Ahh, but sadly, I'm afraid I'll have to head off to bed now. (Boooooo *makes farting noises*)
Eh, I'll probably find myself face palming later on should he decide to send his white knights on me , if he has any as well as seeing this journal, because that's how i roll XDD
*continues sniggering while walking away*
Ta Ta~

PFFFFFFFFTTTTTT--, part III'm sure some of you have seen the last journal I made about this one Filippino person (who for some reason thinks I'm a boy, when I'm VERY much a girl! Yes, even those few of you who've heard my voice and thought I was a guy, surprise! Oh, and according him, I'm also some kind of tentacle monster, yayyy~!), right?
Well, he's kind of at it again, except not really???
I decided to share a few comments on his (new) page, as I was feeling bored. I even questioned the age he gave someone (he said it was fourteen, but I seriously have my doubts about such things, considering the kinds of shows he watches... then again, he does seem to fetishize some of the characters from his shows judging by some of the things he continuously keeps requesting people to make for him) at this comment ->
I'll admit that I acted a bit rude, sure, but this was just basically me trying to act like a little dipshit, just have a few laughs on my end of the sc

Sorry for the extra journal, guys (rant)But I really need to let this out, since I honestly don't feel all that well after all this anger I've felt towards Victoria, but don't worry! This rant is NOT directed against her. So don't get your boxers in a tissue, or however that saying goes, I don't even know nor care atm.
Anyone who's been following me for a while will have at least heard the name "Matthew Jabez P Nazario", and you know how much I love to mess with him every chance that I get. I've even made two whole journals where I've either called him out on an actual art theft, and me trolling and him threatening to get the admins on this site into this whole thing.
Has that managed to refresh some of you guys' memories now? Good, because now I can just start talking about what's been going on.
MJNazario, as he was known on the last account I trolled him on, moved to his current one, MatthewJabezNazarioX, and let me just say something. He hasn't changed a bit

<da:thumb id="524002194"/>

this little screenshot someone took where he AGAIN talked about how to get me banned Something I just HAD to address by Conkerluver

and of course, a rant video made by saiyantrash666 

Now, when you have this many journals made by others, including a (relatively old) rant video that all bear witness to basically the same kind of shit they've been doing all this time, then you just KNOW they're no good. And honestly, with some of the things I've linked you to and even told you about, who would you rather believe in this situation - matthew, who acts like a spoiled little brat who throws a hissy fit and carries a ridiculously long grudge towards people who were actually willing to MOVE ON and forget about him; or me, who was trying to act relatively calm in most of my confrontations with this guy and being able to actually move on from all this drama, and only finally snapped because I was upset about one of my best friends having gotten banned before hand and still holding that rage deep within me?

EDIT: And if you STILL think he's a sweet kind young man, how about these testimonies I've gotten from other people?

Matthew Testimonies - The Requests:icontesla-that-hedgehog: 's account of Matthew, and of how he completely ignored the other request tesla did wind up making for him:
"I first met him when he asked for a request on one of commissions for a close friend. He asked for Ariana The Cat in a boxing outfit, a character not belonging to him. Assuming it was a fetish request, I declined it, making a lie sayinh that I can't do boxing gloves.
He asked for another request of Sonic and Shadow playing a video game, and I did that. I showed him the request but he didn't even comment or fave it. 4 hours wasted."
:iconMyMelodyOfTheHeart: who also made one of matthew's many requests, and got promptly ignored in return before he tried to ask for another one
"What he basically did to me was asking for lots of requests from me and when I finished them, didn't bother to comment or favori
Accounts from people who've made the requests he'd demanded from these people, only to then either nitpick them like crazy or completely ignore the pics completely.

Matthew Testimonies - Manipulative Bastard Accounts from former whiteknights/"friends" of his, who felt like they'd been manipulated by this guy on several occasions.

Matthew Testimonies - Others:iconmusicalmutt2: who've had at least one of her OCs "stolen" so to speak by matthew on many occasions
"but he's been stealing my OC and claiming her to be his, linking her picture without telling people she's mine. And I've asked him several several times to credit me and he'll go around me. At one point someone made a fursona request journal and he claimed Tundra was his OC. this one i was able to find the link " (note to self: there are probably gonna be even more examples of this in the future)
:iconblackestfang: who once tried to help him but was promptly blocked by him in return
"I know about him already. I doubt he'll do what I told him but that special child comment pissed me off. He tried to get one of my friends banned from da awhile ago and on one of his previous accounts blocked me for giving advice. besides what I like to do is more expose brats. I give
Accounts from people who've experienced other sides of him that basically just falls under the "other" category, but are still important nonetheless.

Some these people are most likely gonna be anonymous for the sake of their safety, just so you know.
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  • Reading: his current profile's comments
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JewellTheAnimator555 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay, this person asked me to draw a child version of this person they call "Kylie":…
So I did it; but a couple of days later, I got a note a not from TheRandom500. So, I am planning to block him.
He's fucking sick pervert. I am astounded about his behaviour, he needs to to banned.
worldguardian Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
jfc this kid is a mega special snowflake
torganzer-potato Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  New Deviant Professional Artist
Oh my god he wanted sent me a request to draw a girl sleeping with a tiara on O-O is this a fetish plz tell me!?!?!
OptimaDaler Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
Thank god!! Someone decided to do a rant on him!
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
There are some rants on him on this site, but yeah also i will spread this journal.
PUNPANIC Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I Know Right!
proplayer89 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MijumewAndCo Featured By Owner Edited Feb 18, 2017
Wow, that's a very detailed journal. I admire your dedication. :) I'd like to point out that the Stash screenshot of the note conversation with MidnightCollies has ben deleted.
TheSkyPack Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OK, that makes A lot more sense! Thanks for the heads up! (>_<)
meltdown44 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't had issues with him even though I do agree
CorrosiveChaoticWolf Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Man, I didn't know he was this bad.
Not to long ago I was doing requests and he asked me to draw skai and chase....well after finishing the request they were wanting them anthro form ang practically in underclothes (bra underware..etc) and it kinda disturbed me because paw patrol Is just a litle kid show (and dont shoot me on this) but I dont want to make paw patrol into a nasty form of my little pony and five nights at freddy's personally I haven't had any serious issues like most people yet.
Heres the info:
Bluuberwolf Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Well, after read all this journal, I must say that, unfortunately, there are many people as him, but he has 14 years and has that amount of hate... I really think that he isn't conscious it that is doing and needs help, but this type of individual don't accept that they're doing bad, and any intention of do them enter in reason is lose time.

I think the best is ignore and marginalize him. And with time, maybe, he will start to think that something is wrong in him.

PD: He watches me, the next step is that do me a request?
n19htmare-bear Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
hi eve i have been dealing with this guy for a month since i started doing requests resently and someone sent me a note warning me about him so i wrote a rant journal to day and sent a link to the journal to him. i'l send u a link to that journal as well as another one here they are……
KageSagittarius Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got a request from this guy recently too, and he did the whole badgering and kicked-puppy act, but he wants me to draw child characters in bras, and when I refused that, child characters sleeping together.  This guy's fucking gross and I'm glad I blocked him.
Daisy6754 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i got a request from him to draw 10 year old kids,a boy and a girl,the girl in a BRA. I didnt question,and drew it. then he asked me to make it AGAIN with the boy SHIRTLESS. So you can tell i was just freaked and ignored him. And then he became childish with questions like "why are you not drawing it?" 'when were the requests open?"
This guy is just..stupid
yonderlyx Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  New Deviant
Same here -_- just happened last week
Daisy6754 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
PUNPANIC Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh!! I know exactly how you feel! He wanted me to do a request of Mabel and Dipper, with dipper being shirtless and a whole load of details that kept going on and on. Including both of them being 10 years old. I really don't know why he does this constantly.
Daisy6754 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
PUNPANIC Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That would make sense. But either way, he should stop!
Daisy6754 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i think he did,i dunno
Daisy6754 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweetbriar42 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, honest to god, here, Eve, this guy actually messaged me about 2 months ago (Note: he's never faved my pieces, commented, watched, or made any indication he follows my page) and asked to do a request with partial nudity. When I said no, he asked if I would draw the characters from Daniel Tiger all sleeping in their sports underwear. As a person who cares for the children who ADORE this show, I'm sure you can see why I was disturbed. When I said no again, he got weird, like he was a scolded puppy or something. I had said that I wouldn't draw something that made me uncomfortable, but would still work with him & he asked me to draw the Powerpuff Girls & the Rowdyruff Boys in their prom outfits, again, sleeping. I told him, again, I didn't feel comfortable with drawing characters from a children's show like that, but would gladly just draw them in their prom outfits, and he DEMANDED that I draw them! So, I got angry, and snapped at him for it, and said I wouldn't do it if he was going to make demands, and he tucked his tail between his legs, and asks me to draw Bubbles in her prom dress, but I continued to refuse, (Thanks to the warnings of Kordyne ) and he just kept apologizing, and begging me to forgive him. It was really weird!! Seeing this now, though, I see he was an even bigger ass than I thought!!!
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
Howdy i am going to spread this note. Cause honestly this kid needs to know his place.
Sweetbriar42 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Probably for the best.
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
Aye maybe he will learn something.
Sweetbriar42 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So your group, justice on dA or whatever, you do stuff to stop people like this guy?

(Also I'm asking cause I saw the stamp) What's so bad about Harry Potter? ;-;
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
Aye i guess we do, eh it's petty reasons is why i don't like Harry Potter some people say i look like him.
Sweetbriar42 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh really? XD That's kinda cool! XD I'm a huge harry potter dweeb & I was looking at the stamps & I agreed with all of them until I got there & it just kinda hurt my poor little heart XD
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016
Aye sorry about that.
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Aqua-The-Kitty Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I noticed he was a Filipino like me, no wonder. But he sure not acts to his age. I am also a Filipino and a Catholic but I do not discriminate Atheists Like him.
Aqua-The-Kitty Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
He was about to ask me for some request, good thing I haven't done it (because I'm sick today) but good thing my friend told me about this. No wonder he seems like he don't know anime or sonic stuff (because those are the only things I draw) instead he wanted something else.And he's already 14 years old? Really? My younger sister is 13 years old but at least she acts more mature than him.
TheToxicSheWolf Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist
I encountered Matthew less than a month on deviantart and, of course, asked for a request of PAWPatrol characters. I done it for him and he filled a whole comment section on how it was wrong. When I (grudgingly) redone it, he didn't leave a single of comment. I'm tempted to tell him that he got a request from a mega atheist.
aabarro13 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should delete that picture request of him before it get's worse.
TheToxicSheWolf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist
He hasn't bothered me at all since so I don't really care but if he does come back I'll tell him no.
aabarro13 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheToxicSheWolf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist
LimboLimn Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I literally had an encounter with this guy on one of my deviations before I knew anything about him-
Though, since this was a while ago it seems as though he has actually stopped death-threating if you look at my encounter with him.
I was rather annoyed he commented randomly on one of my deviations just because it had request in the title, without commenting on the actual drawing itself.
I politely refused him, telling him requests were closed, and he seemed disappointed but left.
Anyways I just wanted to say that.
It seems he has matured SLIGHTLY
But I can't say for sure.
Sweetbriar42 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg I actually had a really similar encounter with him, that's still on the piece! It's titled "The Rivalry"! I really don't think he's matured that much, in fact, I'd call the requests he made to me rather disturbing. Nothing against people who watch kids shows (I mean, I watch freaking My Little Pony, and Steven Universe) but I just don't get drawing the characters of this show like he was asking me to do! It was just...weird!! I was mostly disturbed because he asked me to draw from a show that the kids I nanny for ADORE, and it just...disturbed me!!
MagicSpyglass Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
I will try to stop this brattyness. However, I most likely will fail.
ZachMFKAttack Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
man......just a really despicable kid :/. im just speechless. guy whom cant let something go, just constantly makes requests.......doesnt even thank artist for the pics he asks for......this guy is proof that DA is falling apart.

might i add he also makes christians like myself ashamed of our religion :/ (i dont even lash out at athiests like that.......i dont bother.....its ur opinions, and i respect that. this kid srsly makes me feel bad about my religion now)
Rez14 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. I've seen my fill of bratty kids on the internet, but by far, this guy takes the cake. I'm just hoping I don't get dragged into this whole thing simply by commenting here. My sympathies to you and your friends. I hope his foolishness lands him in hell. (Or not, cuz I'm actually an Atheist too.)
OmegaQuadrant Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Well, he is quite of a handful, to be honest......and he can really stretch your patience, really. i  just kind of understanding the guy with that mild illness of his...autism, yeah, autism. Now that i've actually read this, i kinda feel sorry the guy, being despised by others...
tylero79 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Student General Artist
I watch one of his accounts because he watches me, but i've kinda just ignore what he's doing. Though he does ask me a lot of stupid questions that I've already answered
MariposaLass-93 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2016  Professional Writer
I understand. He watched me under two different usernames before I blocked him some time ago. So not proud to be a Filipino when someone from your country acts like a total idiot.
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016
Aye this deviant needs to be exposed for what he is.
AquaSeashells Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
He watched me when he was MatthewJabezPNazario, but I blocked him after I saw his true colors.
kawaiineko-kona Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016  Student General Artist
I just saw this now and I was like... "Whoah! I know this kid! He's that demanding little snot on which I can't really understand his request to me but I did so!".

I never knew this kid is a famous one! (Where could I have been?). My friend gave me the link to this journal of yours (Thanks aabarro13 !) and out of curiosity, I decided to check it out and read it... AND what do you know~! The stink is out (Is that the word? No Offense), this kid has a very bad reputation here in dA and the bad part is he's a fellow Filipino. I never really knew that he's really like that. (Seriously, I haven't browsing much the net nowadays). 

Through all the people who requested me to make their OCs, he's the worst... It was pretty clear that "All those who wants their OCs to be drawn by me should provide a Reference." and what I meant by Reference is a legit picture provided with few descriptions and not a description where you would tell me ALL, I mean, ALL. What she wears, what she looks like etc. etc. (I hope you get the idea.). Since I am kind person *cough* *cough*, I accepted his request. Piqued by my curiosity, I checked his dA account and I was like "Hey~! It's a fellow Filipino~!, so I tried to make friends with him and talked to him in Filipino but he scolded me (Poor, poor Rei.). (If you want to see it, you can see the screenshots here >

Sorry for the long, LONG rant of mine... It's just, the moment I saw this Rant, it spoke to me... "You should rant too Rei~ You should rant too." 
Eve54 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
it's okay Rei, I don't mind receiving long comments, seeing as I'm often prone to making ones myself ahaa ^^ go ahead and rant all you want c:

I've seen the screenshots, and oh wow -___- talk about being an ungrateful little shit. Then again, it really doesn't surprise me, considering I've been seeing this kind of behavior time and time again from this child. (And don't worry, I tend to take these really long breaks some dA from time to time, so I totally understand you couldn't have known //paps) Just, smh. I'm truly sorry you had to deal with this kind of ungrateful behavior from him, Rei. No one should ever have the displeasure of dealing with someone like Matthew.
israel1976 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2016
Mind if i create an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about this guy ? :) I am a ED user .
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