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I've been thinking lately - over my time spent on the internet, reading and/or watching reviewers go on and on about their favorite/hated movies/TV-series/comic books/characters/etc. of all time, along with some meme being made for these type of things, I've noticed that there are little to no top lists for fanfics, good, bad, or merely "ok".

As a person who spends a lot of time on both deviantART and Fanfiction.Net, I've come to love the things most of us fans come up with, just as much as I've also come to absolutely detest other things people do make. Especially the fanfic medium, which has generally earned either the ire or the "meh" from the authors of the series people do write about.

So I've been thinking - should I, should I not, do a list of fanfics, where I'll either gushing over them like how fans usually gush over something their respective franchises introduce to the public, or shriek in absolute horror before proceeding to vomit all over the screen and risk destroying my computer in the process?

If people do want me to do a list of said fanfics, I will probably only do top ten lists (with the occasional honorable mentions) for these three categories:

-Guilty pleasures

I should probably also warn you people before-hand that I may or may not add in suggestions that some of you do decide to post in the comment section, but that's only if I feel they're up to par to any of these three categories. Instead, I will be focusing on my own PERSONAL faves out there. That does not mean however that I do not take possible requests to adding said fanfics to either of these categories, but again I repeat - they must be able to fit ANY of the three categories I have chosen.

Also, unless I feel the need for it, I will not further divide said fanfics into their respective categories (i.e. Pokémon fics gets its own folder, Tales of fanfics go to their own, etc.). I may or may not get rid of this rule unless I feel like it.

Soooo, what do you think? Interested? Horrified? Disgusted? Think I have no life (which is totally true *shot*)?
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Ing... something, something
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
1. I'm a girl.
2. I live in Sweden.
3. I love the Tales of series, Dead Space, Charmed, Galaxy Express 999, and the Ginga series.
4. My top five favorite pairings are, in no real order, YurixLukexAsch, AlmaxKandaxAllen, RikixFuji, JohnxGin and SonicxShadow.
5. I can't stand people who criticize people for creating traced linearts, yet goes all :love: when someone makes their characters off of 'em, completely brushing off the fact that it contains the stuff they hate. Yeah.
6. I am crack pairing addict (especially for pairings that could have worked if the creators had decided to take that route), and proud of it.
7. I swear. A lot.
8. I hate Llamas.
9. I always ask people for permission if I can use the image of the character I'd adopted before posting the profile, and if I receive a no I won't upload it along with the profile.
10. I hate the idea of buying stuffs off the Internet rather than actually going to the store... which might probably explain why I don't have a ridiculously large collection of items depicting my love for the fandoms I am a part of.
11. I like feedbacks, both negative and positive ones. IMO, they help you advance in whatever you're doing.
12. I prefer to talk to the more mature members of deviantART.
13. I can't pronounce deviantART the way it should be pronounced without any help.
14. I'm not very talkative in RL, but when I do talk, I talk real fast.
15. According to some people, I like to analyze certain events a bit more thoroughly. And yet, I somehow fail to actually give some people constructive criticism.
16. I speak Swedish, English, and wee-bit of Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/whatever you like to call it.
17. I hate my mother and her relatives.
18. If I ever get the chance, I'm going to travel to Canada and meet some of my paternal relatives that live there.
19. I had a trauma involving a cat, me wanting to pet it, and claws. Ever since then, I have been afraid of any animals that has claws - even animals who hardly ever use them.
20. My favorite dog breeds are German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Doberman, Rat Terrier, and Rottweiler.
21. I like yaoi and yuri when the characters are IN character, and not OUT of character.
22. Like so many other people here on deviantART, I used to be all crazy about Hetalia, even more so when Tix91 created her version of Yugotalia. However, now I have nearly lost all love I had for Hetalia, as it has a great lack of diversity. You're either forced to love the more "popular, kawaii sugoi desu" pairing with fanfics that pretty much spits on the atrocities committed in the past by writing these "kawaii desu!!!111one!!!!" fanfics, or you're screwed.
23. I often find myself amused that the Western fans often find themselves more lacking in their fandoms than their Japanese counterparts.
24. I am a hypocrite.
25. I sometimes hate my own fandoms.
26. I like diversity in fandoms, and when I see it lacking, I eventually start to lose all interest in it.
27. I am not very modern, as I use very old things in my life (Mp3-player instead of an iPod, a "normal" telephone in favor for the "smart phones" with the touchscreens, etc. etc.).
28. Even if they aren't in my top five favorite breeds, my heart goes out to all Pit bulls. However, I don't try to make too big of a deal about it, as there are other breeds suffering in the world.
29. I'm a supporter of animal welfare, which means that I'm all for the physical and psychological well-being for animals, and is all anti-animal rights because of some rather... controversial bullshit.
30. I hate Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons for her narrow-mindedness/refusal to see things that doesn't really "fit" with her point of view.
31. My favorite character on The Simpsons? Either Homer Simpson, or Marge.
32. I can't stand people who uses the anime canon in favor for the actual mangas.
33. I sometimes wish I had a time machine so that I could kill off Stephanie Meyer, Uwe Boll, Justin Bieber's parents, Jessica Black's parents, and possibly even M. Night Shyalaman.
34. I find the GNG vs. GDW anime war really stupid, since we all know who is the real winner.
35. I like making unneccessary epicly long comments.
36. I hate YouTube's "must delete copyright material videos first" policy, especially when we're talking about movies with great dubbings that gets deleted.
37. I would rather kill myself than learn how to do my homework when it's so loud that a normal human being can't work WITHOUT getting stressed.
38. I may be an Atheist, but I do have a generally friendly view on non-fundamentalists.
39. While I may have lost most of my initial love to Hetalia, I still have some favorite pairings; RussiaxAmerica, GermanyxNyotalia!Italy, RomanoxItaly, Nyotalia!HungaryxNyotalia!Prussia, one-sided RomaniaxPrussia (both normal and Nyotalia), and SpainxNetherlands (<-In that order, I might add).
40. Unlike some TLK fans out there, I actually like Timon and Pumbaa. Not the cartoon, but the character themselves.
41. My favorite actors would definitely have to be Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen, John C. McGinley, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Patrick Stewart simply because of their acting, not for what they do in their personal lives.
42. I hate harem manga/anime with a burning passion and would happily destroy all things related to it. Even the so-called "good" ones out there. Yeah, my hate is that strong.
43. I often come to enjoy some pairings between some of my own characters, despite the big age differences for some of these characters.
44. I occasionally find Pewdiepie to be funny, but I don't go boast about it 24/7. I do believe that there are moments where he can get annoying, but in the end I still like some of his videos - which, I might add, aren't actual walkthroughs that point out where you should go.
45. If my class hadn't started singing the chorus to "Baby" almost all the time during the class while I tried to study, I probably would have given a complete shit about Justin Bieber.
46. My favorite let's player is Chuggaaconroy.
47. I prefer manga over anime.
48. English is not, and I repeat NOT, my mother language. Therefore, expect some mistakes here and there.
49. I'm pro-choice.
50. If there is one moral rule I always follow (or at least TRY to), it's the "ask for permission before even thinking about posting something up on deviantART" rule.

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