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Ing... something, something
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Lazy, nice, evil, perverted, anti-feminist, grudge-holding bitch, and bored as fuck - these are just SOME of the words that can best describe me really. I'm usually nice when you meet me, unless you somehow have done something to seriously piss me the fuck off.

Basically, I'm one fucked person, though according to some, I am apparently really nice and willing to talk to and listen to others. Just don't get on my bad side, of course, because then, things are gonna get real ugly. ...maybe.

Also, please take into consideration that, while I do understand English really well, it is not my first language. As such, don't act all surprise if you do manage to find some broken English here and there on my end.


Bawwlocked Stamp by transforpuppy (let's see... I've been bawwlocked by MatthewJabezNazarioA (as well as on the majority of his accounts after that one certain image i complained to him on), some of his little whitebitchknights, troyrich93 (for simply calling him out on his current behavior), xXWinterGlitchXx (for questioning in, perhaps in a less exemplary way, over why they commented on this really old thread - on my own profile no less. Then again, since they did insult a friend of mine, I had some slight justifications, but ymmv on that)


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Where else to find me:

tumblr: mayonnaise-is-not-a-gender.tum… (WARNING: I have a playlist that plays automatically, so I'd suggest turning the volume down should you ever visit)
skype: (NOTE: I only hand it out to people I can trust, and even then, you might need to tell me first who you are before I can accept your contact info)
weasyl: (NOTE: 's pretty much dead)
Never thought I'd have to make another rant journal, least of all on someone I'd previously made a rant journal on. But, considering how that person's been acting, especially the way he's been acting about me and another user lately, I feel like I need to do a "round 2" rant thing of sorts.

Note to all of this guys' friends: This is not a way to defame this guy. I do not hate him, I just don't like his actions lately. I'm NOT trying to send people out to bully him, and will frown heavily upon anyone who tries to do so after the making of this journal.

Also, before you guys try to come here and tell me that I should take this journal down, that it is breaking dA's rules and what not - here are some ACTUAL rules saying the complete opposite:…

I understand you guys might want to defend him, as I'd probably do it for just about any of my own friends if they dealt with this kind of shit - but only really if the people in question don't offer any actual proof of the things said friends have done.

With that out of the way, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer, and move along. Have a nice day! c:

Heeyyy, guys! Sorry about making another rant journal, but like I stated above, after the way this guy has been acting lately since the last time I made that journal of him, I felt like I needed to make another one.

Now, I'm sure most of you know who I'm talking about here, but if not, then, well, it's :icontroyrich93:
If you don't know about him, I'd recommend checking out my previous journal about him, Stay away from this guy(Before some more friends of Troy out there starts, let me just add these to prove that there's nothing on here that could actually warrant a report:
and this: )
On April 24, a good friend of mine had returned after having gotten banned due to logging in on this one parody account back when a certain user had caused a whole lot of drama. When she came back, she was met with much fanfare and love, but she also managed to meet a few creepers along the way because of some of her designs for characters in Japanese mythology, specifically the gods.
One of these people happened to be :icontroyrich93: and hooo boy, is this guy absolutely crazy. When he makes me and another fellow pervert look SANE in comparison to some of the shit he makes, you just KNOW he's fucking crazy. And I freaking had a Bible Black marathon once, and if you've at least heard of that little h

Now with that out of the way, let's begin this rant now, shall we? >:3

Now, if some of you had even gone ahead and check the comments in that journal, you'll notice that Troy (as well as some of his friends - not all of them, but some -, including his own girlfriend) did not really take too kindly to this journal, and basically acted all hostile to me and a few of my friends, demanding that I take the journal down, that I was trying to "bully" him. In fact, he even made quite a few journals basically throwing a pity party, and basically tried to make me out to be the literal devil. Heck, he even threw out the autism card, hoping to get more pity. It obviously went about as well as you might've expected. He even proceeded to block me not long after I'd replied to him.

In fact...

He even tried to get me banned, claiming that I was this one user known as "Mari".

If anyone here remembers this user and what they did to both me and another user, you'd know that that was an outrageous claim of his to make.

Some of my own friends even called him out on it, and it was only after one of them, Ama, had to talk some sense into him that he finally decided to delete that journal. (sadly, I forgot to save the link that one of the people had given him, so your guess to what they were linking troy to is as good as mine).

Now, I'll admit, I DID act very immaturely when Troy commented on that journal. I won't lie, I acted like an outright bitch with the way I handled the situation. I definitely could've responded way more maturely than I did back then. However -- HOWEVER -- up to this point, Troy had not been acting like a grown man. So please excuse me for acting the way I did. I thought I was being "funny" and what not when I replied to him, but in hindsight, even I can see how cringy I was in it. And for that, I do apologize.

And to the people out there who wants to defend his actions, saying that it's his autism and/or depression and what not that's causing him to act this way -- grow up. I've met a few autistic people myself, and I never once would've thought they were autistic, as they acted WAY more maturely than he does, and can even be surprisingly very considerate of others. Sure, there are those immature ones out there, but please, don't put these particular people and people like Troy and some other people who like to throw the autism card. Hell, I've even met a few people who've been suffering from depression, and even THEY would frown upon his actions.

And I get that he was obviously very pissed about this whole thing, but that still should not excuse his behavior, let alone his actions towards others. Hell, I tend to get easily pissed as well, but even I don't make several journals venting about this, and then claiming that Imma go kill myself. That's just not my thang, yanno what I'm saying??

Granted, things died down a bit between us, and Troy seemingly tried to change, or at least take what I said in that journal to heart. But then he completely screwed it all up by reverting back to his old ways not long thereafter, showing that, for all of his attempts at apologizing to others (though he forgot to make an apology journal to me, go figure -___-''), he just can't seem to keep his promises at all.

Still, nothing too major ever actually happened, at least not up until Troy had to deal with an art thief on Steam known simply as "GIRUGAMESH".

What apparently happened was that this GIRUGAMESH had decided to seemingly troll Troy, stealing his artwork and gave them other names. For an example, he called Troy's main OC Tohru "Edge Lord", which admittedly got a few short chuckles out of me.

Now, I'll just say this - I do not condone art theft, and I usually feel very uncertain when I decide to bastardize some stuff for the lulz, even after I might've been granted permission to do so by the artists themselves. However, Troy's behavior, with him even trying to bring in God and what not, made it very difficult for me to actually feel sorry for him, and just made me side with GIRUGAMESH even more.

Eventually, things seems to have quieted down again, so I'm gonna guess things finally decided to calm down.

However, Troy eventually did decide to do something that I'm very iffy about myself, and that is by basically making what I can basically summarize to being pure "torture porn" of this one "gamer" known as darksydephil. Basically, what he did was he'd make up a scenario where he tries (and in a way, fails) to make this gamer unsympathetic and supposed to deserve the crap he's gonna get, and then he'd drag in fictional characters to start beating the living crap out of him.

I'm gonna say this - I'm not a fan of this guy, and from what I've read, he HAS done some things to earn a bit of ire among even the gaming community itself. But, to make what's basically torture porn more than twice, all for this one guy, and then asking your own fans about ideas for it? Uhh???? :/ Yeah, I'm not much of a fan of this thing.

Granted, he DID say it was a sort of "parody" and just done for the shits and giggles, but knowing Troy, it just felt a bit too much. Like, if you're not a fan of this guy, then why even bother wasting everyone's precious time making those? Not even I do that.

He eventually stopped making those things it seems, and then, things were pretty much stagnant. Well, for Troy that is, since he kept making vent journal after vent journal after vent journal, basically screaming and crying over some very insignificant things. And when even his friends didn't pay attention, he'd become a bit more rude, seemingly having little to no consideration for others and the stuff THEY are going through, stuff that would make them unavailable to reply to you. You know, the usual :shrug:


Until, for seemingly out of completely nowhere since the beginning of this year, he's been starting to mention me, saying stuff like "if only eve54 didn't exist" and basically uses me for trying to gain pity from his watchers by referring to me as one of the "worst" people out there.

Mentions Me by Eve54

Mentions Me 2 by Eve54

All because of an old journal of mine. I hadn't even tried to get into contact with him ever since he blocked me, never tried to send people his way. Heck, I've been mostly obsessing over other things on my end, like Hetalia, Undertale (at least for a while), and Pokémon. I've barely even paid much attention to anything he does, and the only times I do, it's because of what others have been telling me - since apparently, he tends to mention me seemingly out of nowhere at times, just to gain some pity from others.


Wooowww. Just, just, wow, man. :unimpressed:

Troy, I know I'm pretty much gonna be repeating myself when I say this, but, please, grow up. Trying to milk pity from others isn't really gonna help you in the long run, it'll just make you look pathetic and hungry for said pity. Oh, and if the numbers in your username actually means that you were born in 1993, then that means that we're about the same age, give or take a few months. And I'll admit - I myself tend to get very moody at times, and I've been generally feeling kind of meh since the start of this new year, which I personally blame on the weather over where I live. But I haven't really been acting the way YOU do.

And if you're older than me, then honestly, I don't really see it. The fact that it'd taken me THIS long to make another journal about you should say something about your immaturity here. I could've made, like, way more journals where I'd be responding to all of the stuff you've been doing since the last time I made a journal about you - and yet, I didn't. I'd left you alone. Some of my friends had left you alone.

So why couldn't you have done the same with me? Why bring me up and try to paint me as something I'm not, while I'd left YOU alone all this time? Mind answering me THAT one?

And don't even bother trying to hide what you've done - I've got the screenshots, hun. None of these are a lie.

And now, you even decided to cause a bit of drama with this one other user, someone known as LadyAnarchy63, aka Taylor.

Basically, what happened between the two according to this journal she made some time after Troy decided to paint her as a bad guy to all of his friends - which you can find here -> The ACTUAL Story Behind Me VS TroyRich93As you know, some major deal between me and :icontroyrich93: has happened yesterday. And of course, not only has he blocked me for trying to reason with him, but he's spread lies to his fans and friends. So lemme clear some things up for you all...
One week ago, on Skype, I had gotten into Dead Rising 3. With great amounts of pride about my new favourite DR Psychopath boss, Dylan Fuentes, I had of course wanted to spread the love about him to others. During a Skype conversation with this user, I had mentioned that I thought this character was better than the OCs he made. I NEVER insulted his art, nor his characters. Pretty much like how one would like chocolate icecream over vanilla.
He admitted he was fine with my opinion about the ordeal, saying "Oh, okay. Although I work hard on my OCs." In all seriousness, personally, I think I'd go with the bisexual BDSM loving cowboy with a penis flamethrower with a smooth voice over more hentai-oriented OCs clearly made for fap material.
- is that about a week ago or so on skype, during a conversation between the two, she'd said that this one boss from Dead Rising 3 was better than the OCs he's ever made. Now keep this in mind - she hadn't really insulted his art, his characters, or anything of that nature, and merely made a harmless statement, basically something someone would've said when one's gushing over something - or hell, someONE, fictional or not - so much.

At first, Troy had said he was fine with it, although he did say he "
work hard on my[his] OCs.", and things were pretty much cool between them.

UNTIL, he made a journal, saying he apparently slit his wrists or something as a result from what Taylor had told him. Sadly, the journal has been deleted, most likely because Taylor had confronted him about it. Troy then proceeded to constantly slander her, and even admitted that he even pretended to liking it, and what not. Some of the comments Taylor had received from others did not help in the slightest.

Basically, he overreacted because someone DARED to not praise his characters. And as a result, he decided to drag someone's name down the mud, not even bothering to tell his fans/friends off when they decided to call her a "slut" and a "whore", even AFTER he'd seemingly apologized. :unimpressed:

Troy, I'm gonna be repeating what Taylor herself had said in her very own journal - "this entire situation wouldn't have happened if you hadn't overreacted pal. You did this to yourself. Please stop lying boi."

"this entire situation wouldn't have happened if you hadn't overreacted pal. You did this to yourself. Please stop lying boi."

And truthfully, I agree with this statement completely. You DO overreact, and don't even bother trying to THINK of the drama you'll create from your actions BEFORE you post those journals of yours. You constantly whine, pulling the suicide card when someone even DARES to tell you their honest opinions on something. You try to FORCE people into rping with you, again pulling the suicide card when they don't always have time to respond to them. You pull the work card to explain your current stress, which is still not an excuse to be acting the way you do when the suicide one doesn't work.

If you're really as depressed as you claim you are, then you NEED to seek actual medical help for it. There ARE people and places out there that can actually HELP you. Get off the computer and then get said help.

I still stand by the things I'd said in my previous journal, because you haven't really changed much since then, if at all. And if there has been any, it seems like you've only really gotten worse with your behavior. :/ Shame too, since a very small part of me HAD hoped you'd have at least TRIED to make a change for the better, but ah well, I guess that's just too much to ask :shrug:

Also, a little birdie had told me that you even tagged Ama herself in your so called "apology" journal, at least in the comment section; basically asking for her forgiveness. Well, unless you've already gone all out on her for her deciding to not forgive you after all of the crap you've done to her and to others, providing very little proof that you're being serious about it, then here are my two cents - you've made these apologies things before, and for reasons I can't even begin to comprehend, people seem to accept it. Then, not long after, you go back to your old ways, causing some of your watchers to possibly panic at the things you say, at least judging by the comments during these vent journals of yours where you explicitly say you're gonna kill yourself.

Troy... I don't know if you know this but, you generally have more fans/friends than haters. Some of whom will stick their necks out for you and blindly try to defend you, even demanding that people delete the journals they make about you, with someone even saying some downright dreadful things to these particular people. And yet, you don't even seem to care much about how THEY feel when you make these journals of yours, only if they can pap your bum-bum while scaring away the big bad scary monsters under your bed.

If you truly, and I mean, TRULY, care about others, you would not do this kind of crap.

Then again, that might be a bit difficult, considering you're friends with someone who said all pregnant women should be killed, as well as all children born from 1999 to present day should be killed, and are friends with someone who can't handle someone blindly loving their OCs despite said OCs being clear ripoffs from the original series. :unimpressed:

But no, all you seem to care about are your rps and your fictional characters, and not much else.

Had you not overreacted like you've been doing lately, none of this drama you've gotten to you. You'd have just been another passerby person.

Yet, despite all of this shit you've done, I still can't really bring myself to hate you as a person. Just your actions. I still do not wish any actual harm or misfortune to happen to you, but rather that you should grow up and learn to deal with your mistakes, and to not act like such a child. You're (supposedly) in your 20's, and as such, you need to start acting like an actual adult. And no, don't you dare use your autism card, because it won't help you in the long run - I have friends who ARE autistic, and they've even shown themselves to be FAR more mature than me, and being VERY considerate of others, and just generally sweet people. And don't you dare bring your depression into this, because, again, I've still met a few wonderful people who've acted far more mature than you.

Stop with the pity journals, stop dragging other people's names into the mud, and just grow up, and try to improve on yourself, especially your behavior. And you actually MIGHT get somewhere. People might actually try to take you more seriously as a result.

And this time, actually TRY to stick to it far longer this time. Preferably as a permanent solution.

If you can manage to do all of that, then some of us out there might be willing to forgive you. I can't really say that all of us will be able to do so, since you obviously HAVE hurt a lot of people, as well as (in)directly insulted them, but it's still something at the very least.

I really hope I won't have to come back to you or something, Troy, because personally, I'm growing kind of tired of the shit you do. 's just not that fun of talking about old drama, yanno what I'm saying???

To all of you who've managed to reach this far, I just want to say, thanks for taking your time to reading this, and hopefully, 2016 won't bring nearly as many rants from me as last year. ^^; Then again, I can't really promise you guys that that'll actually be the case, though, and we should just wait and see lel.

This has been Eve54, aka one of the "worst people ever" in Troy's eyes, even worse than the person who apparently drove his friend to suicide. Over and out. :salute:
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